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So, Thirddaughter is a senior this year, and as such, gets some privileges. One of them is occasionally getting to leave school for lunch. Today was one such day. But she hadn't taken any money with her, so she had to stop by the house on the way to the sushi place. (Because apparently, sushi = what kids eat for lunch these days.) ServiceDog was perfectly content up until then to lay on his little bed and occasionally harrass me for pets or treats and give me the "Is it time to pick up Thirddaughter yet? Is it? Is it?" look every time I moved. Or looked like I was maybe thinking about moving.

And then Thirddaughter blows through.


Once ServiceDog realized there was a car out there and Thirddaughter was getting in it, and it was leaving without him, he turned and looked at me with such a look of betrayal and went, "Oh-h-h-h-oh-wa!" in his very best whiny-thwarted-toddler tone. He is now sitting on the steps like an attentive vulture, alternately staring at the door and glaring/pouting at me. Thirddaughter has rendered ServiceDog useless until 3:15 when I pick her up from school and she's not even here!

Also, saw this awesome post the other day--The Avengers Reimagined in Dark Fantasy Style--and thought you guys might like it. The artwork is bloody gorgeous!
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My secret crush, the fabulous  [ profile] bluesimplicity sent me this, and since I've just spent almost an hour I didn't have to spare scrolling (and scrolling and scrolling!) I figured I'd sabotage your productive hours too.

Mwahahahahahaha! (<----evil laughter)

And, because she apparently never wants me to get anything done ever again, she also sent me this one:

So, my question on that one is this: if trees are so damned resilient, how come my ficus suddenly loses its will to live every time I move it to run the sweeper?
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You don't get the full effect until you see the family across the street looking on. *falls down*

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