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From this post on, share, share!  :)

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THIS made me cry soppy emo tears of wedding-y happiness. Only look if you have time to touch up your eyeliner. (No, I really really mean it.)

And I have to link THIS ONE, too, because I miss my hockey (damn you, NHL lockout!) and I used to love watching Sean Avery on the ice.

There have been some really good strides made toward acceptance in pro sports this year, which I think is a very important stepping-stone. I think one of the ways to make ‘the gay issue’ the nonissue it should be is for those who are seen as iconic examples of masculinity to expose nonacceptance for the shameful thing it is--Neanderthals will usually only listen to someone they view as an equal or superior Neanderthal. Sean Avery started his advocacy several years ago, back when he was still with the Rangers, and the example seems to be catching on.

For those of you who don’t follow sports, THIS story from this past autumn will make you want to stand up on your chair and cheer anyway.

Still too slow, but progress nonetheless. Not a terrible way to end a year. :)
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Phew. Voted. Done. Thank god. I usually love election day, but this election season has made me weary like none other and I'm glad to be done with my part.

On that note, this made me giggle:

Now if I can just stay away from all the manic coverage until everything's counted...

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