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Thirddaughter's grad gown!

Gah! This time next week, my youngest child will have finished high school!

My husband, occasional killjoy that he can be, wanted to know what I was so excited about, since we still have college tuition to look forward to. I played this for him. Really loud.

(Anyone know how to get creases out of cheap polyester without melting it?)

Also, because it's adorable:

Servicedog asking Thirddaughter for treats and pets last night. Made me think of this. *snicker*
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Thirddaughter and girlfriend had their prom this weekend, and I told Julia I'd post a pic. (Admittedly, very little arm-twisting was involved.) I stuck it under a cut 'cause it's big.

The Pretty )

Also, while I'm here:
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Dear Horrible Woman with Clipboard:

Something I didn't get to tell you yesterday, when you were looming importantly over my daughter and trying to bully her into removing her dog and herself from the soccer complex: that clipboard? Doesn't mean you're omnipotent. No, seriously. I know it's hard to believe. I mean, someone gave you a clipboard, right? That makes you Important. It makes you In Charge. It makes you Right.

Except, you know, it really doesn't.

I've seen so many like you over the years. I know the Power of the Clipboard sometimes goes to one's head. I know it's difficult to understand that people without clipboards have rights and might know what they're talking about better than you do. So let me just go over the course of the conversation point by point so that I can tell you all the ways your Mighty Clipboard led you astray.

You: You need to leave.
Daughter: Um. What?
You: You need to leave. No dogs. There are signs. *waves clipboard*
Daughter: He's a service dog.
You: For what? You don't look disabled.

Okay, so stop right there. Not so I can say things like Did you really just say that? or Somehow I can tell already you vote Tea Party More just so I can pause and rein myself back in so I don't mangle my laptop in a fit of resurgent rage. Also, so I can make sure you see how very awful you were, right from the start. Go read that last line again. Are you starting to get it yet?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

*deep breath*

All right, moving on.

Me: Is there a problem here?
You: I'm taking care of it. Please mind your own business.
Me: Wow. Okay, before you say another word, you should know that this is my daughter. My minor daughter. Anything you'd like to discuss should be discussed with me.
You: If she's your daughter you shouldn't have allowed her to bring the dog to the field. There are signs.
Me: And as I heard her tell you, he's a service dog. He's exempt.
You: If he's a service dog, where is his vest?

And pause, because no, he wasn't wearing his vest. This was our first outing in a public place with the dog, and my daughter was reluctant to use the vest for two reasons: 1) Because she didn't necessarily want to advertise "Hey! Look! I have a disability!" and 2) Because she knew there would be a lot of kids at the fields and she wanted them to be able to pet the dog if they wanted to. (When he's got his vest on, he's On Duty and no petting.)

So. Deciding to err on the side of Don't punch the ignorant, I answered:

Me: We decided against the vest today. But you can see his tag on his collar, stating that he's a service dog.
You: Anyone can buy one of those.
Me: *blinks* ...Yes, I suppose anyone could. Anyone could buy a service vest, too. But why anyone would want to, if their dog isn't a service dog, I'm sure I don't know.
You: Maybe so they could bring it to places it doesn't belong and think they can get away with it.
Me: (Um. I didn't say anything at this point. I was too busy gaping.)
Daughter: The vest is in the car. I'll go--
Me: No, you won't.
You: Do you have papers to prove he's a service dog?
Me: ...I'm sorry, are you kidding me?

At this point, I kind of stared around at the other soccer spectators who'd gathered. They all stared back.

See, right about here is when I seriously started wondering if this was some kind of punk or something. Because I was having a genuinely hard time believing I was having this conversation with you at all, let alone the tone and the length of it, and I started to wonder if the surreal feeling I was getting meant I had fallen asleep in my soccer chair and was dreaming all this.

But, alas, no.

You: No, I'm not kidding. There are signs! *waves clipboard* No dogs. And unless you have proof he's a service dog, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.
Me: You can ask all you like, but my daughter's rights, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act, say she doesn't have to. What's more, they say you're not even allowed to ask any of these questions or make any of these demands. Now, if you'd really like to turn this into the shit-storm you're asking for, I suggest you call the police to make us leave, and then they can educate you properly on why you're an unbelievably reprehensible human being.
Daughter: Mom, why don't we just--
Me: No, hang on, I know this whole thing is embarrassing you and I'm sorry, but we can't let this one slide.
You: He has no vest! *waves clipboard*
Me: Because my daughter is not used to having to proclaim her disability to the public in general, and because a vest is not a requirement she is obliged to meet in order to utilize her rights or to compensate for your ignorance.

You see, Horrible Woman with Clipboard, a vest is nothing more than a signal to other people to leave her alone so she doesn't have to be subjected to this kind of ignorance--the kind of ignorance, I have to say, I didn't think we'd encounter at a kids' Sunday afternoon soccer game.

You: Well....

And right about here is where I could see your inner flailing begin. I could see you trying to decide if you should back down and (maybe, though doubtfully) apologize, or if you should keep trying to make what we both knew by now was a ludicrous point.

You, unfortunately, Horrible Woman with Clipboard, chose unwisely.

You: Well, you know, some kids are allergic to dogs. Some are afraid of them.
Me: I'm sure that's true. In which case, I'm also sure those kids will stay away from the dog. As you can see, he doesn't stray from my daughter's side, so none of those things are a problem unless a child who's afraid or has allergies approaches the dog, and in that case, I'd say it was the child's or the parent's problem and no fault of the dog.
You: There are rules! *waves clipboard again, with emphasis*
Me: Yes, there are. And no matter how much you wish it were otherwise, those rules do no apply to this dog.
You: You can't have the dog at the soccer field. If you won't leave, I'm going to have to call someone to have you escorted out of the complex.
Me: *turns to daughter* Sweetie, why don't you take the dog over and sit with Dad? I think Mommy's about to get ugly.

And, you know, I did. I thought maybe, in retrospect, I'd be a little ashamed of myself, because I wasn't just angry--I was incandescent. And I had stopped worrying about making a scene right around "anyone can buy one of those". I did not want to prolong or deepen my daughter's embarrassment--already worse than what she had been trying to avoid in the first place--and I did not want to continue to give those who'd gathered more of a "show". But I felt this was too important. There were examples to be set here, Horrible Woman with Clipboard; there were those kids you were so concerned about, watching you trying to bully a 5' 2" 95lb disabled teenager, and there were the parents of those kids, who would later either tell their kids that you were right to accuse my daughter of trying to pull one over on you, or that you were wrong for letting your clipboard go to your head. And I knew which example I wanted those people to walk away with. So, while I do regret that I was forced into handing you your ass in public, I do not regret educating anyone who was listening about the kind of person you are, nor do I regret showing my daughter that some things should not be borne.

Because, you see, Horrible Woman with Clipboard, my daughter has been in the hospital this year more than she's been out of it. It's why we even have a service dog. She's shy and prone to being too easily bullied. And she has very few Good Days right now. She was well on her way to having two Good Days in a row when you decided to wield the Power of the Clipboard, during which you took a Good Day and turned into a Bad Day, and it has now morphed into a Worse Day, and I can see the week ahead and it's not looking good.

So thank you, Horrible Woman with Clipboard. Thank you for teaching my daughter the valuable life lesson that people are awful everywhere, that they'll take something that's private to you and fling it out in front of all and sundry so they can make their uninformed point, that they'll hang on tightly to that uninformed point and continue to harass, accuse and malign, simply because they don't want to be proven wrong in front of the crowd they've gathered to witness what they thought was their authority but turned out to be their own awfulness.

Thank you for teaching my daughter that, if she doesn't want to have to deal with someone like you again, she'll be obliged to forfeit her privacy and put the dog's damned vest on. Not that it's any guarantee.

So, fuck you very much, Horrible Woman with Clipboard, and congratulations. I have no doubt this is a lesson my daughter will never forget.




Honestly, I've been trying all morning to come up with a calm and less-snarky way of wording a letter to the soccer league's administrators, if for nothing else than to see that their people are better educated, but I think I'm still too pissed off. So I did this. I'd hoped it would give me an outlet and lance some of the rage, but... er. Not really, no.

God, people are such assholes. I can't even.
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*grin* I only get to use this icon once a year and it makes me snicker every time. I would pet him, but he’d probably take my hand off. Because—you know—killer turkey.

Okay, I have a ‘thankful’ list, but first things first:

The Lucas and Alex story (formerly Library-guy and now officially entitled The Queen’s Librarian) will be ready for beta at the end of next week. (A month later than I promised, I know, sorry, but time has not been my friend this autumn.) So, let me know who’s onboard for beta, please. I haven’t decided if I’m going to submit it anywhere yet, but if I do, I’ll probably want to do it by the end of the year, so there’ll be at least a month before I’ll need it back.

This means the train story is next, which is good, because it’s really starting to chew at my synapses now. And the mage story is mixing it up in there, too, and getting a little more insistent than is comfortable, along with one involving angels, and several other fantasy stories, plus a couple of contemporary (go figure) probably-novellas that are wanting out, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but OMG THERE IS ONLY SO MUCH ROOM IN MY BRAIN!

Ergh. Anyway. On to the point of the post:

Top Ten List of Things For Which Carole is Thankful 2012 )
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Phew. Voted. Done. Thank god. I usually love election day, but this election season has made me weary like none other and I'm glad to be done with my part.

On that note, this made me giggle:

Now if I can just stay away from all the manic coverage until everything's counted...
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Everyone's battening down around here, so I guess it's time to give everyone a wave in case I don't see you for a few days. Last I heard the worst of Frankenstorm isn't supposed to hit until later tonight or early tomorrow but the rain and winds are definitely kicking up already. Schools and nonessential government operations are shutting down, and hospitals are cancelling anything that doesn't have to do with actually taking care of sick people.

We're not exactly on high ground, but we're not in a flood danger zone either, so I'm hoping the worst we have to deal with will be a good scare and a lengthy power outage. (Julia and Dee, I think you're on lower ground than I am, so if you need to hightail it, you've got my cell #.)

I've got my candles, flashlights, lots to read and a good basement to run to, should it prove necessary, so as long as we don't get flooded, we should be fine. Take care, everyone, and be safe! Hope to see you again in a few days! xoxo
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Okay, I haven’t been up to it, my daughter has, but still. There was motherly involvement on my part! Or grandmotherly. Whatever.

Baby pic! )
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I really need to share This bit of unrelated but OMG! news. The RN referred to in the article is my daughter, who didn’t actually assist in the rescue, but singlehandedly saved the boy’s life. When she pulled him from the water, he was blue, had no pulse, wasn’t breathing and had foam coming from mouth and nose. She gave the boy CPR for the 20 or so minutes it took the EMS to get there, by which time she finally got him breathing on his own.

An 8-yr-old boy is alive today because my daughter went swimming over the weekend. I’m so goddamned proud I can’t even come up with the words.
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But here in the US it’s supposed to be what today is for. And some heroes are more personal than others.

This banner hangs in my hometown as part of the Hometown Heroes remembrance campaign.

I was very small when my uncle was killed, but that fact, and the lumbering of time, have not dulled his presence in my life, or my respect and gratitude to him and too many like him. He and my family, who have kept him ‘with us’ throughout all these years, are why I know what honor is, and what gives me a constant goal towards achieving a personal honor of my own. His life and the story of his death taught me that, regardless of what one might think about the motives of one’s country, the nobility of spirit of those on the ground—some by choice, and some by circumstance—should never be dismissed as merely a number that sits beside the letters KIA.
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Shut up, I’m a girl, and it’s Mother’s Day—I can get soppy if I wanna.

You have to read THIS—5 Real Animal Friendships Straight Out of Disney. All of them are great, but then you get to the last one, and it gives you a link to THIS.

Okay, it has nothing to do with Mother’s Day. But still. Trembling lip, teary eyes, and a great big Awwww! right out loud. What a great way to start my day. I’m still smiling. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!
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From [ profile] addie71

No comment I could make could have the impact of what this video says. So here it is, speaking for itself.

Addie asked that it be shared. So I'm sharing it. Thank you, Addie.

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So, just got back from Seattle, and am trying to feel like a real person again--you know, the kind that actually does things. It was a lovely time, with the exception of missing the husband. *hugs him* I got to stick my feet in the Pacific for the first time, meander along Driftwood Beach (you can't see it here, but on clear days you could see Mount Ranier from about 200 miles away), hike up Mount Baker and watch the magnificent falls for a while before ignoring all of the warning signs that say OMG DON'T GO HERE! so I could stick my feet in the Nooksack River. (I was apparently all about sticking my feet in things on this trip.) I had my morning coffee watching the tides shift through my friend's livingroom window, and almost nightly wine on the little 'beach' in her front yard. I got to spend all kinds of time with a great friend and talk about writing and all the other things you talk about with great friends.

It. Was. Heaven.

Also, I was told more than once that I'm the only person to ever go to Seattle and get a sunburn. o_o Yes, I am a hopeless white girl, with all the lack of rhythm and coolness that entails.

And then I got home just in time for a tropical storm and all the flooding and such that comes with it. Not too much flooding here, thank TPtB--nothing more for us personally really than water in the basement so far *crosses fingers*--but my mother-in-law's house in upstate NY is halfway underwater. Feels weird to even think this, but in a way, I'm glad she's not here to see it. It would break her heart. And some of my family up in the Wilkes-Barre area have already been evacuated, because the Susquehanna's threatening to do another '72 Agnes on them.

Good lord, in the last couple of weeks, I've experienced an earthquake, a hurricane, traveled across the country to do all the cool things I did there, and now a tropical storm and flood. You'd think these were interesting times or something. :D

Hope you're all doing well. I know some of you must be affected by the events along the east coast, so check in, yeah? ([ profile] withywindle01, I'm looking at you.) And keep safe and dry!

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