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All of these genre titles available today for just $1. at DSP Publications or via the individual author pages on Amazon.

Rhys Ford, A.J. Marcus, Lissa Kasey, Sam C. Leonard, Jan Suzukawa, J. Tullos Hennig, Brandon Witt, Andrew Q. Gordon and Yeyu.

Fantasy, Horror, Suspense/Mystery, Paranormal… it's a genre smorgasbord!

That’s 10 m/m titles for just $10.
(Go for it, you know you want to!)

Cover Art!

May. 30th, 2015 12:09 pm
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Another gorgeous and evocative cover from the fantastically talented Anne Cain.

The larger version is HERE.

Blue on Black is due out from DSP Publications in mid-June.
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Thirddaughter's grad gown!

Gah! This time next week, my youngest child will have finished high school!

My husband, occasional killjoy that he can be, wanted to know what I was so excited about, since we still have college tuition to look forward to. I played this for him. Really loud.

(Anyone know how to get creases out of cheap polyester without melting it?)

Also, because it's adorable:

Servicedog asking Thirddaughter for treats and pets last night. Made me think of this. *snicker*
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So, Thirddaughter is a senior this year, and as such, gets some privileges. One of them is occasionally getting to leave school for lunch. Today was one such day. But she hadn't taken any money with her, so she had to stop by the house on the way to the sushi place. (Because apparently, sushi = what kids eat for lunch these days.) ServiceDog was perfectly content up until then to lay on his little bed and occasionally harrass me for pets or treats and give me the "Is it time to pick up Thirddaughter yet? Is it? Is it?" look every time I moved. Or looked like I was maybe thinking about moving.

And then Thirddaughter blows through.


Once ServiceDog realized there was a car out there and Thirddaughter was getting in it, and it was leaving without him, he turned and looked at me with such a look of betrayal and went, "Oh-h-h-h-oh-wa!" in his very best whiny-thwarted-toddler tone. He is now sitting on the steps like an attentive vulture, alternately staring at the door and glaring/pouting at me. Thirddaughter has rendered ServiceDog useless until 3:15 when I pick her up from school and she's not even here!

Also, saw this awesome post the other day--The Avengers Reimagined in Dark Fantasy Style--and thought you guys might like it. The artwork is bloody gorgeous!
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In a moment of decadent self-indulgence, I bought this:

I mean--I had to! Just look at it. Look how gorgeous it is! And I got the very last size 8.  \o/  And okay, it was a little... er. Spendy. But! Husband refused to talk me out of it when I begged him to, so I was forced to, y'know--buy a skirt to go with it. And since the skirt was really cheap, I say it all evens out.

Okay, no it doesn't. But! But! I already had the boots because I am a total boot slut and I have all the boots, so I actually saved money!

(Shut up, there is a scientific formula somewhere in the world that will support my theory!)

Okay, yes, I'm weak and pathetic, but damn it, I will look awesome while being weak and pathetic.

Although, I'll be wearing it to C3 or Nijicon, so maybe I can deduct it? Business expense! (Is that legal? It's probably not legal, is it.)
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So, I have recently, and very reluctantly, given in and binge-watched all 9 seasons of Supernatural. I say "reluctantly" not because I disdained the show, or had no interest in it, but because I really didn't have time OMG! to be investing that much of it. I was trying to finish BoB! I was working on a Joint Project That Shall Not Be Named! I was knee-deep in new Wolf's-own proofs for the re-releases! I was training a dog! I was... doing other stuff!


But, Thirddaughter decided this summer would be a good time for her to give Netflix a run for its money, and among some really freaky anime shows that I now know more about than I really want to, she started watching Sam and Dean smartass their way through macabre adventures while getting up to various hijinks and shenanigans. And, naturally, she decided the big TV in the living room was best suited to this endeavor. Which, okay. It's where my giant chair is, where I huddle with my laptop and tap-a tap-a and let my head spill out onto the keyboard, but I can usually ignore everything around me while I'm writing. (I've had 4 kids--you learn to selectively tune.)

I didn't want to get sucked in. I tried to mind my own business. Bas and Kimo spent a lot of time saying "Hey! Writer-bitch! Over here!" But Sam and Dean proved a serious distraction.

And then Castiel showed up.

Oh, Castiel. He of If the pizza man truly loves this babysitter, why does he keep slapping her rear? He of It's funnier in ennochian. I had to become a fangirl! I had no choice!

So, I have now seen every episode of Supernatural and am jonesing for what I'm told will be the last season ever. Which, judging by what was supposed to have been the last season ever a couple seasons ago, is going to end horribly. Because these writers are bastards.

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My secret crush, the fabulous  [ profile] bluesimplicity sent me this, and since I've just spent almost an hour I didn't have to spare scrolling (and scrolling and scrolling!) I figured I'd sabotage your productive hours too.

Mwahahahahahaha! (<----evil laughter)

And, because she apparently never wants me to get anything done ever again, she also sent me this one:

So, my question on that one is this: if trees are so damned resilient, how come my ficus suddenly loses its will to live every time I move it to run the sweeper?
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For those of you who are Jordan Castillo Price fans (and I know there are at least a few of you here), she’s started publishing a new series in WIP format. The way I understand it, she will be offering each installment for free on a monthly basis, and then once it’s complete, she’ll offer it in book format. But right now, you can follow it for free.

Get Turbulence #1: Into the Bermuda Triangle here.
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In honor of Valentine’s Day, both of my publishers, Torquere Press and Dreamspinner Press are offering discounts.

TORQUERE is offering a 15% discount now through Sunday, February 19th. Just use the code ‘val2012’ in the coupon code box upon checkout and the discount will be deducted from your total.

And DREAMSPINNER is offering a 20% discount for today only. BUT. If you hunt about the site for little hearts and flowers, and click on the icon, you’ll receive a code that will be good for 20% off through February 29th.

As a side-note/incentive, Dreamspinner does allow preordering, so if you had any plans to purchase a certain book due out Friday, written by a certain someone you know and love (*whistles*), you can order it today at the 20% discount.

What? *looks innocent*

Okay, fine, there are tons of other good books you could get instead. Whatever you choose to buy, it’s a great deal.

FYI--The first twenty to order the paperback of Wolf’s-own, Book One: Ghost from Dreamspinner will receive a signed copy, fresh from the printer. (No, I don’t actually know how that works. They sent me things to sign weeks ago and said the signatures will somehow end up printed right into the covers. *shrug* (If anyone here gets one, I want a picture to see what it looks like.) The signed copies are only available from Dreamspinner, not Amazon or B&N or other distributors.
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[ profile] elisa_rolle—reviewer, genre enthusiast, and one of LGBT’s biggest supporters—is celebrating her five year LJ anniversary. And she’d doing it in wonderful style.

Giveaways galore, hundreds of free ebooks from hundreds of contributing authors, and all you have to do is drop by THIS POST and leave a comment.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but if you like m/m lit. and haven’t friended her yet, you really should. Not only is she a nice, generous person, but she’s a constant stream of information on what’s out there and why you should be reading/watching/supporting it.

Please join [ profile] elisa_rolle and wish her a happy anniversary, and snap up a prize before they’re all gone!

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