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Thirddaughter's grad gown!

Gah! This time next week, my youngest child will have finished high school!

My husband, occasional killjoy that he can be, wanted to know what I was so excited about, since we still have college tuition to look forward to. I played this for him. Really loud.

(Anyone know how to get creases out of cheap polyester without melting it?)

Also, because it's adorable:

Servicedog asking Thirddaughter for treats and pets last night. Made me think of this. *snicker*
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19!!    \o/ 

And 20--which I'm pretty sure will be the last, besides an epilogue--is already started.  Gah, I'll be so glad when I get to THE END on this one.

Now, a request for some suggestions, please:

I've been using everything Evanescence as a sort of soundtrack for this one, just because I like them and the dark, angsty mood of their music just fits.  I swear, I could probably point out a chapter/character/relationship for every song on the two albums, and something, somewhere would fit.

However, it's not quite fitting what I'm seeing for the end of this story.  So, I'm looking for something... hm... I don't want to go all spoilery, so I'll just say I need something heavy-ish, something 'fuck you', something with a lot of thumping and bass-y-ness.  A We Will Rock You sort of thing, but more Aragorn's-speech-at-the-Black-Gates-ish.

1200+ songs on my hard drive, and I can't find a single one that will do.    Anyone?

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