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Jul. 17th, 2013 08:58 pm
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I just watched Immortal Beloved for, like, the bazillionth time, and it got me all blubbery for, like, the bazillionth time. I know it's kind of like an AU fanfic of Beethoven's actual life and music, but day-um it's an effective one.

I don't think it will surprise anyone if I admit I've been a nerdy classical music fangirl since forever--my dad used to play 78s and 33s of the Masters on the gigantic cabinet-sized stereo in our livingroom when I was growing up. (Along with the Clancy Brothers, the Beatles and the Carpenters, Jesus Christ Superstar, the Chipmunks singing the Beatles' hits, OMG, but we don't need to go into all that right now, because yes, that's exactly how old I am.) And Beethoven's 9th symphony has always been one of those pieces of music that can make me conduct all by myself in my car and not care what someone in the other lane thinks. But the way Immortal Beloved portrayed the 4th movement of it just... gah. No words. Or, you know, lots of words but very teary ones. That little boy running and running and grasping for some kind of freedom then immersing himself among the stars. If I wore pearls I'd be clutching them. (Shut up, I have a lot of feelings.) If I could do for a reader what that scene and that music does for me...


On another note, there are apparently now just as many links to torrent downloads for my books on a Google search as there are legitimate sales links. Sigh again. Which might not be so bad, if it wasn't for the attitude on some of them. See, I don't generally worry overmuch about the torrent sites, because I figure those aren't people who were going to buy my book anyway. If they couldn't get it by stealing it, they weren't going to buy it, so it's not like I'm losing anything. (Unless they go around one-starring me on review sites or something, because that would just be... wrong. Somehow. Insult to injury, or something.)

But the cheek on some of these people is truly amazing sometimes. I saw one where the girl (I'm assuming--the pseud was kind of chickish) posted every single one of my books, and left a note on the post that said it would be nice if anyone who steals downloads them would leave her a thank you.


Seriously. A THANK YOU. I was kind of tempted to sign up for a membership just so I could leave her a note that said, yes, thank you for stealing my books and making it so easy for others to steal them as well. I didn't. I'm so freaking lazy. Plus, I'd probably be the one coming out of it looking like the troll. Anyway, you send out one desist order and ten new links crop up, so feh. Entitlement, man. It's a goddamned epidemic, I swear.

I remember Josh Lanyon once talking about a comment on one of his books threads, where the person said they were a huge fan, had read every one of his books, and proudly stated they hadn't paid for a single one of them--they couldn't afford it, see, but they'd gone out of their way to hunt down a free download, because that's just how dedicated they were. And you know, I get that a lot of people can't afford to pay for their reading habits. I really do. (You have no idea how poor I was at one time, and I've been a voracious reader all my life. Except I generally tend to reread the books I have on my shelves when I can't afford something new. 'Cause, you know, the stealing thing.) And it totally sucks to desperately want a new release from an author you love but you can't afford it. But Jesus, stealing it really doesn't make you a fan. Stealing it makes you a thief who happens to be a tiny bit discerning. No one is actually entitled to reading material, and certainly no one's entitled to steal it if they can't afford it. But there are tons of people who seem to think they are.

I'm not really griping, I swear. I mean, I kind of am, but like I said, I don't see myself as losing anything to the free downloads. It's a sincere lack of respect for the authors from whom they steal, but I'm a mother of four--I'm used to no respect. It's the principle. And the entitled attitude bugs the crap out of me.

Er. Sorry. I really just logged in to see how everyone's doing and to gush about Immortal Beloved. I'll stop now.

Hope everyone's been having a great, if unreasonably hot, summer.


Extra shout-out to Julia and Marlene! Hope you're both doing better, <3 <3 <3 <3, and check your inboxes! Michelle, don't check your inbox just yet. (See, you should never forgive me for late correspondence, because I'll just be later the next time.) This week, I swear. You know I adore you, right?
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Star Trek? Fucking AWESOME. I had moviegasms. Story, characters, EFFECTS, OMG. I swear I'm still high. I need to see it again RIGHT NOW.

And when it got to the point where I understood that I was watching alternative echoes, I wanted to climb into J.J. Abrams's lap and cry for the sheer nerdy joy of it. And Benedict Cumberbatch! Holy shit! Can't tell you what I loved so much or someone will kill me for blurting spoilers. But seriously--holy shit!

Also, saw Iron Man 3. (Hey, holiday weekend, I can spend it geeking out in a movie theater if I want to.) I can't say I was equally affected, but it was a close thing. I mean, Tony Stark, duh, but same thing with the story and the characters and the effects.

Both of them were definitely worth the price of admission. Again and again, really.

God, I love SF/F. Keep The Girl With the Pearl Earring. I want tribbles and hobbits and spaceships, oh my!
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Remember THIS POST about John Carter? Yeah, they’re idiots. It was freakin’ excellent. So there.
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So I’ve been really looking forward to seeing John Carter when it comes out. In fact, I think it’s out this weekend, so yay! Or maybe it’s next weekend. Hm… Anyway, so I’ve been looking forward to it and reading any preview reviews I’ve come across—as you do—and I have to say, I’m getting a little tired of reviewers who don’t know WTF they’re talking about.

You have to understand... )

Link, etc.

Jun. 1st, 2010 10:47 pm
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A link you guys might find interesting.  Some of it I nodded, and some of it I raised my eyebrow, but it was interesting, anyway.  storytellersunplugged.com/blog/2010/06/01/writing-about-writing-and-talking-about-writing-and-writing/

Finished 18 last night.  \o/  Two more plus an epilogue to go, as far as I can tell.  Then I can spend the rest of the summer getting lost in other people's stories.

Spent all day yesterday sitting about like a slug, watching Band of Brothers.  God, I love that series.  They run a marathon every year, and every year, my husband and I plant ourselves and watch it beginning-to-end.  (Speers--gah!)  And we have the freakin' DVD set!  Go figure.  I do that with a lot of movies--I have the DVD, but I never watch it except for when it's on TV. 

Twenty-five years today for me & the husband.  Woot!  *throws confetti*


May. 23rd, 2010 03:17 pm
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Not sure how I feel about this yet, but my editor has told me the publisher may be bumping up the publication of the first volume of Aisling to Christmas of this year.  Which is, of course, good, but it means I'm going to have a lot less time to prepare/promote than I thought.  Though, since I don't actually know how to promote (and probably would not have learned between now and June of next year), it probably won't make much of a difference.

On another note--am watching King Arthur for about the 50th time.  Am still in much *heart* with Tristram.  It's funny, though, because I think he's whoa-sexy and quite adorable in this movie, but the guy who plays him (Mads Mikkelson) does not appeal to me in general.  Must be the hair and the beard.  *is not drooling*  Which is also funny, because scraggy-beard-guys do not appeal to me, either.  Hmph.

And then there's  Nanny McPhee on the other channel, with Colin Firth, who I just want to hug and pinch his cheeks every time I see him.  *squish*

(Can you tell I'm bored?  Why are you people not entertaining me?!)

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