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So, I've been on an official break from writing for about two weeks, and intend to keep it that way for a few more. It seems to be a pattern with me, to finish a project a little before the holidays and not pick up another until after. Apparently, my backbrain is not a fan of work-ethics, alas.

Anyway, this means I have more time to get into trouble follow those links I always think would probably be interesting or amusing, but I never do it because who has time for that omg if I don't get these people out of my head I'm going to have to bash it in with something and no one will even mourn me because I've left them such a mess and anyway who's going to clean it up my family apparently doesn't even seem to know where the toilet paper is kept and if it stopped getting 'magically' replaced I sometimes wonder if they'd all just use their hands!

...Okay, that was kinda gross. (Do you see what goes on in my head when I don't have characters crowding all of the absurdity out?)

Anyway, have found a couple things that amused me and thought they might amuse you, too. I've put them behind a cut because they're big and resizing would, like, take extra mouse-clicks and stuff.

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Oct. 3rd, 2010 05:44 pm
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Drat, and me without my Steelers icon.

*makes note to buy more icon space*

*throws away note because Steelers lost today anyway*

Okay, joke now. And I have no idea if any of you are football fans, and if you are, if this joke insults your team, and if so . . . uh, sorry. Mostly. I didn't write it--I just laughed and fell down when I read it.

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