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Apparently, someone--actually, two someones--found my site by Googling the keyword phrase 'fornicate the constable'. 0.o And six someones found it by Googling different variations on 'free aisling torrent download'. Bastards.

Strangely (or possibly predictably), I'm boggling more about the first one than the second. I know the word 'constable' shows up on my site, but I think I'd know if 'fornicate' did. Does Google pick up on a site's aura, too, or something? Maybe that should be their slogan--Google: We're omnipotent. Stop fighting it.

Also? Mary Shelley's Frankenhole. HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS?! *loves*
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I've never felt an earthquake before. That was truly strange. Kinda surreal. Still vibrating. (I'm still vibrating; everything else is staying still now.)


Mar. 14th, 2011 02:36 pm
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I just saw a commercial for a toy puppy, the main attraction and selling-point of which seems to be that it poops. It comes with its own pooper-scooper.

Hey, I'm being serious! No, I swear, I just saw it!

It just seems... weirdly wrong, somehow. In a omg-someone-not-only-made-a-plastic-pooping-puppy-but-they-made-plastic-poop-to-go-with-it sort of way. Maybe because I'm not five. But still. Wrong. Funny and weird and kind of boggling, but very amusingly wrong. I mean, imagine rushing little Jimmy to the doctor's because he got plastic poop stuck in his ear.
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Because sometimes, it really is.

Another is to 'cheat' and simply find books by authors that have a style you like. At first it will rub off in a copycat fashion, but eventually you'll get your own distinctive thing going.

All right, is it just me, or is this the worst piece of writing advice ever?

I saw this offered in a comm to a writer who has just begun writing again after an apparent years-long break from it. The piece (a very short one) was quite nice, the prose rather lyrical, and the piece effective. But again, the writer had not been writing for a while and was looking for concrit, and mentioned that they were in the process of trying to re-find their writing voice. And that was the 'advice' someone gave them.

Someone tell me it's not just me?

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