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This is day two of the TWELVE DAYS OF STORIES. Click HERE each day for a new one.
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So DSP Publications held a contest a while back to thank readers for their support of the new imprint. Winners were asked to supply their character preference and a prompt word to their author, and then the author was to write a story involving those characters and base the theme on the word. I got “Fen + surprise character” and “breath”.

The story I actually wrote for my recipient is Breathe Me below, but once I got done writing it, I realized I didn’t know if the recipient had read the entirety of the series or not. So I wrote them another—Breath Like a Passing Shadow—that wasn’t a big spoilerfest for books 3 and 4.

The long and short of it is: here are two Wolf’s-own fics, the one at the link above and the one under the cut below.

Ta-da! *jazz hands*

Breathe Me )
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Augh! I'm so confused. Doesn't LJ let you have around 10K per post? It's not even letting me have 5K!

Anyway, obviously I've got a fic to post, but since LJ's being a bastard, I'm just going to have anyone who wants it comment here and I'll send a .doc later today. Anyone whose email I don't have, either leave it in a screened comment or PM me with it.

The story was written for a DSPP anthology coming out... sometime this summer, I think. But I have to have it in by the end of the month so I thought I'd run it by you guys first. Just under 9K and rated... eh, probably Mature. (Ish.) Contemporary Fantasy, with characters you haven't met yet. There's magic and a Big Bad Government and... stuff. (Don't make me come up with a summary. I hate coming up with summaries.)

Let me know if you want it/are willing to let me know if you find errors.

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I screwed up a post yesterday. I was trying to do the post-date thing because I wasn't going to be around, but the post ended up not showing up at all. That might have been because I accidentally dated it for March, but we'll pretend it was LJ's fault. So, if you'd like to read the Wil & Dallin story, it's HERE.

Sorry. I suck at the internet.
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Okay, I wrote this several years ago, shortly after finishing the Aisling manuscript, because I never got to see what Wil and Dallin were like together without the fate of the world hanging over their heads. And I wanted to know. Silliness and sop ensued. So if you prefer the Tough Guy and Snarly Man-boy, this one is not for you. Either way, this is their last hurrah before Fen and Mal take over, so I do hope you enjoy.

© Carole Cummings
(Rated Adult)
Thanks to Eden Winters for whipping the grammar into shape. (Or at least trying to.)


It was almost a… mystical thing, the exertion. )
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I should probably duck and cover for this one. CREPUSCULE MONSTRUM.

But seriously--look at that picture. I had to! I mean, what would you have done with it? No, seriously--I really wanna know. Tell me! Or better yet, write your own so I can read it. *hopeful grin*

Done for Thousand Word Thursday on the review blog Cryselle's Craziness. Cryselle, who runs the blog, posts a picture and asks authors to come up with a story between 100 and 1000 words to go with it.

You should watch the blog. Free stories on your friends' page, plus some insightful reviews. You can 'friend' the lj feed ----> [ profile] cryselle.

Little fic

Apr. 15th, 2011 06:15 pm
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A little-bitty short bit of smut, KNIGHTLY PLEASURE.

Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. Probably hard R-ish, I think.

Done for Thousand Word Thursday on the review blog Cryselle's Craziness. Cryselle, who runs the blog, posts a picture and asks authors to come up with a story between 100 and 1000 words to go with it. I saw the pretty knight and had to go for it. And if you know me at all, you know under 1000 words is a real accomplishment for me. ;)

Incidentally, if you'd like to watch the blog, you can 'friend' the lj feed ----> [ profile] cryselle.
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(I'm not grinchy, but it's the only holiday icon I have!)

You guys remember Alex and Lucas, right? *pats their heads* They're starring in a Solstice story, over on Torquere's Romance For the Rest of Us blog for the Twelve Days of Smutmas. Light and fun, which is why I like writing them, and holiday-ish, since I'll be spending my evening wrapping presents. *sigh* Anyway, the link to the new story is below. Hope you enjoy. :)

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