Oct. 22nd, 2010 06:40 pm
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Ever hear someone say that by the time their book goes to press, they've reached a point where they never, ever want to have to look at it again? *sigh* I really really loved it when I wrote it.

And man, I went semi-colon crazy in this one, like whoa. The thing I've found with the editing, though, is not that I get all bent out of shape that someone is daring to correct my 'precious' Manna From Heaven--it's that sometimes I can't believe I did something so incredibly stupid. I'll look at something the editor or proofer has pointed out, and think, What, was I high? And then high again all fifteen times I looked at it and didn't see it? Which would be a good excuse if the last time I was high wasn't way back when Jordache Jeans and Really Big Hair were in style. Maybe I killed my self-editing brain cells. That would explain a lot about my life in general, actually.

And then we'll get started on Book II next month, says The Great and Powerful Oz, er, I mean my editor. Next month. 0_0 Um... yay?

On a brighter note, I should have cover art within the next few weeks. And you guys don't get to use this post as an excuse not to buy the book. *charming grin*
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Because sometimes, it really is.

Another is to 'cheat' and simply find books by authors that have a style you like. At first it will rub off in a copycat fashion, but eventually you'll get your own distinctive thing going.

All right, is it just me, or is this the worst piece of writing advice ever?

I saw this offered in a comm to a writer who has just begun writing again after an apparent years-long break from it. The piece (a very short one) was quite nice, the prose rather lyrical, and the piece effective. But again, the writer had not been writing for a while and was looking for concrit, and mentioned that they were in the process of trying to re-find their writing voice. And that was the 'advice' someone gave them.

Someone tell me it's not just me?

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