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All of these genre titles available today for just $1. at DSP Publications or via the individual author pages on Amazon.

Rhys Ford, A.J. Marcus, Lissa Kasey, Sam C. Leonard, Jan Suzukawa, J. Tullos Hennig, Brandon Witt, Andrew Q. Gordon and Yeyu.

Fantasy, Horror, Suspense/Mystery, Paranormal… it's a genre smorgasbord!

That’s 10 m/m titles for just $10.
(Go for it, you know you want to!)

Cover Art!

May. 30th, 2015 12:09 pm
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Another gorgeous and evocative cover from the fantastically talented Anne Cain.

The larger version is HERE.

Blue on Black is due out from DSP Publications in mid-June.
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Shut up, they asked me to!

Interview over on Tim Flanagan’s blog where we talk about writing, inspiration and publishing.

(I really liked the questions on this one!)
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Originally posted by [ profile] jtulloshennig at New Book trailer for SHIREWODE
The countdown has begun... Shirewode, sequel to Greenwode and Book Two of the Wode, will release 09 September!  Here's the trailer--enjoy!

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Giveaway of The Queen’s Librarian continues through 11:59pm Pacific time on Sunday at The Novel Approach. Rules are listed at the bottom of the post.

(Lisa’s review is here.)
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The Queen’s Librarian

All Lucas Tripp wants is happiness and prosperity for the tenants of his family’s estate, some good weather for the upcoming harvest, suitable matches for his six older sisters, a little money leftover at the end of the month, to never ever come within distant brushing distance of an ascension to the throne, and more quality time with Alex. That’s not so much to ask for, right? Oh, and for his dog to listen to him. And for his cat to stop plotting against him. And for his mother to stop being disappointed in him. And for his sister Clara to someday forgive him for stealing Alex away from her. Not that Lucas did that!

When Clara’s new suitor suddenly disappears, Lucas absolutely will not have it and is thus drawn into an adventure of a lifetime—kicking and screaming all the way. All right, complaining and grumbling. (Because Lucas neither kicks nor screams, no matter what Alex says.) Magical beings who were supposed to be banished hundreds of years ago, coming through portals that were supposed to be shut against them—that’s only part of Lucas’s problem. Missing princes, breaking and entering, suspicious magicians, arsey cousins and far too many well-meaning women who are far too interested in Lucas’s sex life doesn’t really cover the rest of it, but give Lucas time; he’ll come up with more.

Wooster and Jeeves meet Monty Python and Doctor Who, with a side-visit now and then to the Three Stooges. The Queen’s Librarian is a romp through absurdity and intrigue and humor and schmoop, with a healthy dose of real adventure. And while Lucas spends most of it decidedly Not Amused, he’ll get over it someday. Probably. Because there is, after all, always Alex.

Now available at Dreamspinner Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other major distributors.
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Originally posted by [ profile] jordan_c_price at Channeling Morpheus Special: Payback $1
Deliciously Dark

Think all vampire books are the same? Think again.

Michael is a reckless vampire hunter who lures in his prey by posing as bait, captivating his quarry with kohl-rimmed bedroom eyes. Wild Bill is the enigmatic smartass in ripped jeans and black leather he can’t seem to shake. And Channeling Morpheus is their story: a sultry slice of Americana served up with a steamy helping of dark obsession. No fancy club owners or city lords here—the gritty action goes down in abandoned buildings, shabby strip malls, and the back of a rusted out van.

By turns poignant, wry and disturbing, rich with lyrical language, hard-hitting eroticism and unflinching violence, Channeling Morpheus is character-driven erotica you’ll want to read again and again.

This week, pick up the first Channeling Morpheus novelette, Payback, for $1 with the following coupon codes:



(select the code according to the file type you're purchasing)

Take me to the Payback page!

JCP Books also offers great bundle deals on the 10-novelette series every day. Read the first chapter of Payback free, get hooked, and grab the bundle!

If you’ve already read and loved this series, be sure to tell your friends about this deal!

Coupon code valid through midnight CST May 2, 2013

The guy who’d wanted the light was smiling. Still standing practically on top of me, too. Staring me right in the eye.

You’d think that would be all. He asked for a light. I didn’t have one. And then he would move on. But maybe it was more than that. Maybe he’d just been looking for an excuse to talk.

He slid himself onto the barstool beside mine. I did my best to look nonchalant. He was…amazing. Tall and lean, with ripped up jeans and spiked blond hair, earrings, a snake tattoo on his neck and chipped black nail polish. And he wanted to talk to me.

Couldn’t I have run into him any other night? Like, a night that I didn’t already have a date with a vampire?

“Got a name, Mister Lung Association?” he asked me.


“Michael, Michael, Motorcycle.” He tucked his cigarette behind his ear and shook my hand. Well, more like he jammed his hand toward me, and I either had to shake it or be knocked off the barstool. “Wild Bill.”

Take me to the JCP Books website!
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So, life goes whacko for a while and it seems my brain takes that as a sign that it must generate a bazillion new story ideas that must be written right now omg! and then I get all flustered and have to slouch down to my cave for a while until life calms down and The Muse stops whipping plots at me like darts through her bony fingers. Life has not exactly calmed down, but I’ve been working steadily on one story for a while now, when I can, so I’m taking that as a good thing.

Now, usually I don’t name a story until it’s finished. I go with a horrible computer filing system wherein my WIPs are labeled stupid things like ‘#515’ or ‘Mage with scar’, but at least they’re all in one place now (I used to have them scattered all over my computer and had to search random folders just to find the one I wanted to work on; I found one once in a folder labeled ‘recipes’ so go figure) so that’s an improvement. But this one has ended up with a name-- Blue on Black. There is a reason for that, and it does have something to do with the plot and the characters, but I have to confess that the main reason I went against my usual (stupid) system was because I realized that if I allowed this story to name itself Blue on Black, I could then call it BoB. So I am currently writing a steampunky fantasy involving a train and I call that story BoB. Thank you, yes, I realize my head makes no sense to anyone who lives outside of it.

Anyway. Oh, look--more clowns! )
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For those of you who are Jordan Castillo Price fans (and I know there are at least a few of you here), she’s started publishing a new series in WIP format. The way I understand it, she will be offering each installment for free on a monthly basis, and then once it’s complete, she’ll offer it in book format. But right now, you can follow it for free.

Get Turbulence #1: Into the Bermuda Triangle here.
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Aisling, Book One: Guardian is now available--in both print and ebook--from Torquere Press/Prizm books HERE.

As I understand these things, it takes some days before it becomes available on Amazon and other outlets. I'll post again when I have a link. In the meantime--*throws confetti*

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It's a Saturday sale! We're offering 15% off your purchases from now through Monday night at midnight (est). Just put 'satnov2010' in the coupon code box when you check out at Torquere Books ( to get 15% off your order.

Sale good now through Monday November 15 at Midnight (est).


And because I've been meaning to review the Torquere authors from my f-list whom I've read and enjoyed (which is why they're on my f-list ;), and just haven't been able to get it together yet (hey, it's not much of a life, but it keeps me too bloody busy!), I would like to point you to:

Eden Winters, specifically Angel of 13th Street:
The Angel. That’s what the young hustlers call Noah Everett, the man who’ll help them get off the streets. Once a hustler himself, Noah doesn’t take his own good advice, which is, “Don’t let this ruin your life.” Haunted by the past and those he couldn’t save, Noah carefully keeps others at bay until his self-imposed loneliness is shattered by determined, ambitious, but homeless eighteen-year-old Jeremy Kincaid.

A ruthless pimp has targeted Jeremy, but if Noah will fight to get anonymous young men out of the life, he’ll fight harder to keep Jeremy from getting in, even if it means a return to old stomping grounds to make a deal with the devil. To save Jeremy, Noah risks more than just his body. He risks his soul as well, because Willie Carnell, pimp, was once Billy Cordell, Noah’s lover.

Kara Larson, specifically Bait:
Playing "bait" isn't a new task for Edric; he's used to doing whatever Father Osmer asks in their hunt for those subverting the will of the church. If he isn't being seduced by fey or testing the old legend about falling asleep under an apple tree, Edric's forced to investigate the most dangerous of church enemies: little old ladies living in the countryside. This one particular village reminds Edric of everything he tried to escape from: poverty, mud and livestock. What he doesn't expect to find is the most magical creature of all -- someone he loves, and someone willing to help him break free of Father Osmer.

Lee Benoit, specifically Master of None: The Eight of Pentacles:
Adiún has terrible luck with lovers. One has died, the other has been traded away to help the village, and he has no one left. Joining a troupe of acrobats, Adiún leaves his village in search of Devi, his old lover and best friend, hoping to save him from whatever fate has befallen him since he was sold.

He searches in brothels and slave pens with the help of his new friends, but when he finally finds Devi, Adiún is afraid too many bad things have happened for Devi to trust again. Can he find a way to convince his lover that they can have a life together?.

PD Singer, specifically anything in her 'Mountain' series, which begins with Fire on the Mountain:
When Jake signs up for a season as a forest ranger in the high country of Colorado, it seems like a great way to take a break before continuing his education. The mountains are beautiful, he gets to live in a cabin near a small lake where he can fish, and his partner Kurt is coaching him in archery. It’s heaven, with the occasional forest fire.

Kurt’s a good partner -- confident, competent, experienced, just what a rookie like Jake needs. He’s also good looking, not modest, and always around. Jake’s living in the closet, not just in the great outdoors, but is Kurt trying to get him to come sniff the fresh air? Jake can’t tell, but when a small fire whips out of control, things could really heat up!.

And, of course, Clare London, whom I have actually rev'd before, and I haven't actually read the ones she's published through Torquere, but I've read several others, and think you're safe taking your pick. ;)

(I've also got the non-Torquere authors to get to -- Chrissy Munder, Josh Lanyon, and Tessa Buxton -- but no one says you have to wait for me to give them a try! If you want to know which works of these three authors I've actually read, let me know, but actual reviews will have to wait for now.)

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