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Giveaway of The Queen’s Librarian continues through 11:59pm Pacific time on Sunday at The Novel Approach. Rules are listed at the bottom of the post.

(Lisa’s review is here.)
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Available now at Torquere Press/Prizm Books

And it's already got a brilliant 5 STAR REVIEW from Cole at Jessewave Reviews. Woooohoooo! \o/ I think I have now officially updated everything that needs to be updated. *throws confetti*

As I said before, I'll let everyone know when it goes up at Amazon, etc. Those of you who plan to buy, thank you and I hope you enjoy!
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Okay, let’s see if I can get all the graphics right. If I haven’t screwed it up totally, you should be able to click on the small pic for the full-sized image. *crosses fingers*

Cover art for Aisling, Book Two: Dream by Rose Lenoir
There’s no title on it yet, because there were some adjustments to the art itself that had to be made. The book is still set to release on Wednesday, June 15th. If things go as they did last time around, the paperback version should be available on Amazon about a week later with the ebook following about a month after that. Considering the ordering snafus with Book One (though I’ve been assured that was general Web fallout from that ‘Anonymous’ MC/Visa hacking thing and can’t happen again), how/when/from whom you choose to order is totally up to you.

Edit: Crap, I forgot. There's an excerpt available on my site HERE. Yeesh, I hope that's everything.

Cover art for Impromptu by… me!
Yes, they’re actually using my art for the cover. \o/ Woohoo! They’ve already got a placemarker for it up on their site HERE because their art department has to do some vague thing or other before the official version goes up, but I’m totally chuffed that they wanted the illo I sent them. I wasn’t even going to ask about it, but my editor mentioned something and then I mentioned something, and it just kind of went from there. Anyway, Impromptu will be available July 6th, according to the website, and if it’s priced like the other shorts of its size, it should be about $1.49. As I understand it, though, it will only be available from Dreamspinner—no Amazon, etc.—so if you’re thinking of buying it, you’ll have to get it from there.

Pretty Psycho Ninja by my friend Jenni
Don’t you just love that title? *dies* Some of you will recognize Fen here. I was so impressed with the way she captured both mood and setting in a silhouette. I adore this one so much that it’s now my wallpaper. *pets it*

Also, while I’m shamelessly self-promoting, there was a really nice review of Book One on the Bibrary Bookslut (Don’t you just love that name?) review blog HERE. And I’m going to have to check out what happened over at GOODREADS pretty soon, because the number of ratings and reviews over there nearly doubled while I was gone. *scratches head* It’s still hanging on to a 4.5 out of 5 average, though, so I’m definitely pleased.

Now I’m going to be a nervous wreck until the first few reviews for Book Two start trickling in. If they do trickle in. Yay, something new to fret about. God, you’d think I’d get over it eventually, but no. I still have those moments of oh-god-I-suck-they’re-all-going-to-hate-it-must-hide-under-rock. Lots of those moments. I have to shut up now.

Okay, that’s it for now. I have some more Aisling art from my friend Rosina, but she won’t let me post it yet because she’s not done tweaking. As soon as I get the go-ahead, I’ll show it off here. :)
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Mostly because I can't seem to stop grinning.

AMAZING REVIEW of AISLING over on Jessewave's site. Five stars!! \o/

Is it too early to start obesessing about Book Two living up to expectations?

(Thanks, PD--you certainly did tell me so.)

Hullo! :)

Jan. 11th, 2011 02:27 pm
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Well, I have sent off Wolf’s-own to my sister and my father. Which is, to say the least, just weird. My sister is whoa conservative, and my father is… well, a guy. A straight guy. I mean, they both read Aisling, and they both liked it a lot, but that was maybe, what, PG-13ish? While Wolf’s-own is pushing the boundaries of NC-17, and not always in a good way. But hey, they asked—they, in fact, did some pretty concerted tag-team arm-twisting—and I warned ‘em, so… *shrug* The next step is to send it to an actual publisher. I'm still kind of trying to screw up the courage for that, but I'll get there.

Speaking of Aisling (shut up, I kinda was), despite the ordering debacle (everyone get theirs now, I hope?), it’s registering some very nice reviews, both over at Amazon and Goodreads.* (Although the ISBNs are even more screwed up at Goodreads now than they were when I wrote to them yesterday, asking them how to fix it. Now none of the links go to my buy page. Oy. Hopefully, it’s just that they’re still working on it, and not that I am, in fact, cursed.)

* = Did you all know about this site before? I didn’t. It’s really pretty cool. You can sort of follow what everyone else is reading, get their opinions, use it for recommendations, keep a kind of wishlist as a memory crutch so you remember what you want to buy when you get those Amazon Bucks for your birthday… I like it. It’s kind of like Facebook, except it’s all about books. If any of you are there, or decide to sign up, look me up, yeah? :)

Also, Aisling is currently ranked #8 on the Prizm top ten bestsellers. I’m thinking that’s probably a pretty good thing for the first book from an author nobody ever heard of before. \o/

On a less me-me-me-ish note: So, what did everyone get for Christmas? I got some really nice leather-bound notebooks, because my husband got tired of me searching for the curled up Post-its I’d scribbled my latest story notes on. (Although, I did not get my Roomba, damn it. *shakes fist*) So, tell me, I wanna know—wha’dja get? Except if you got a Roomba. Then don’t tell me.
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Oh yeah, I did say I was going to do this once a week, didn't I? Then again, I also said that wouldn't last very long, so there you go.

Title: The God Eaters
Author: Jesse Hajicek
Genre: Contemporary, Sci-fi/Fantasy
Pages: 442
Cover art: Quite mild and suitable for reading on public transport without the risk of strangers staring at you.

Book jacket blurb: Imprisoned for 'inflammatory writings' by the totalitarian Theocracy, shy intellectual Ashleigh Trine figures his story's over. But when he meets Kieran Trevarde, a hard-hearted gunslinger with dark magic in his blood, Ash finds that necessity makes strange heroes . . . and love can change the world.

Disclaimer: You’re all intelligent people capable of making your own decisions. Just because I like something and was willing to spend money on it doesn’t mean I’m saying the same will be true for you. And just because I don’t like something doesn’t make it crap.

Review )
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Title: The PsyCop Series
Author: Jordan Castillo Price
Genre: Contemporary, m/m, urban fantasy, suspense
Pages: Book One, Among the Living: 105
Book Two, Criss Cross: 140
Book Three, Body & Soul: 97
Book Four, Secrets: 223
Book Five, Camp Hell: 246
Cover art: One of them has a very nice picture of two guys kissing, but that’s as explicit as any of the covers get.

Book jacket blurb: (For Book One, Among the Living.) Victor Bayne, the psychic half a PsyCop team, is a gay medium who’s more concerned with flying under the radar than in making waves.

He hooks up with handsome Jacob Marks, a non-psychic (or “Stiff”) from an adjacent precinct at his ex-partner’s retirement party and it seems like his dubious luck has taken a turn for the better. But then a serial killer with a gruesome M.O. surfaces--and no one agrees what he looks like.

Solving murders is a snap when you can ask the victims whodunit, but this killer’s not leaving any spirits behind.

Disclaimer: You’re all intelligent people capable of making your own decisions. Just because I like something and was willing to spend money on it doesn’t mean I’m saying the same will be true for you. And just because I don’t like something doesn’t make it crap.

Review )
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Title: Freeman
Author: Clare London
Genre: Contemporary, m/m, suspense
Pages: 228
Cover art: Not explicit, but people can probably guess what you’re reading if they care enough to notice

Book jacket blurb: Freeman’s return to the city is quiet, without fuss—the way he likes things. But he’s missed by more people than he thought: his ex-wife, and his ex-business partner. One wants friendship, another one intimacy. The third wants him the hell gone again.

Freeman—private, controlled—hasn’t time or appetite for trouble. But, when he strikes up an unusual, ill-advised friendship with young, lively, amoral Kit, it seems trouble’s come looking for both men, ready to expose secrets that can destroy the fragile trust they’ve built. Freeman’s more ready for the challenge than anyone realizes when the choice comes down to peace or Kit’s life.

Disclaimer: You’re all intelligent people capable of making your own decisions. Just because I like something and was willing to spend money on it doesn’t mean I’m saying the same will be true for you. And just because I don’t like something doesn’t make it crap.

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