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I've been answering some questions for a blog tour I'm doing soon, and a couple of the bloggers have asked me about the people who would play my characters in movie versions of my books. And I realized I've never shown you guys these pictures. So, eye candy Kimo, Bas, Fen and Mal under the cut.

Come ogle with me )

Anyway, there we go. I lost all my Dallin and Wil pics back in the OMG Learn to Back Up Your Hard Drive! Crash of '08, and I never did manage to find a good pic for Lucas or Alex, alas. (Though Matt Bomer with facial hair would probably do nicely for Alex.) If you've got candidates, feel free to link me!  :)
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I’ll be over on the Dreamspinner Group at Goodreads today from 1:00 to 6:00 (eastern time) to chat, answer questions about Wolf’s-own, and whatever comes up. (Or, you know—stare at the walls and listen to the crickets.) The direct link is HERE. Stop by and wave, if you can.

Also, I’m still at the YA LGBT Books group at May Featured Author and Aisling - Guardian, talking about Aisling (and fantasy and world-building and Lois McMaster Bujold, among other things) until the end of the month.

Hope to see you!
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In honor of Valentine’s Day, both of my publishers, Torquere Press and Dreamspinner Press are offering discounts.

TORQUERE is offering a 15% discount now through Sunday, February 19th. Just use the code ‘val2012’ in the coupon code box upon checkout and the discount will be deducted from your total.

And DREAMSPINNER is offering a 20% discount for today only. BUT. If you hunt about the site for little hearts and flowers, and click on the icon, you’ll receive a code that will be good for 20% off through February 29th.

As a side-note/incentive, Dreamspinner does allow preordering, so if you had any plans to purchase a certain book due out Friday, written by a certain someone you know and love (*whistles*), you can order it today at the 20% discount.

What? *looks innocent*

Okay, fine, there are tons of other good books you could get instead. Whatever you choose to buy, it’s a great deal.

FYI--The first twenty to order the paperback of Wolf’s-own, Book One: Ghost from Dreamspinner will receive a signed copy, fresh from the printer. (No, I don’t actually know how that works. They sent me things to sign weeks ago and said the signatures will somehow end up printed right into the covers. *shrug* (If anyone here gets one, I want a picture to see what it looks like.) The signed copies are only available from Dreamspinner, not Amazon or B&N or other distributors.
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I screwed up a post yesterday. I was trying to do the post-date thing because I wasn't going to be around, but the post ended up not showing up at all. That might have been because I accidentally dated it for March, but we'll pretend it was LJ's fault. So, if you'd like to read the Wil & Dallin story, it's HERE.

Sorry. I suck at the internet.
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Okay, I wrote this several years ago, shortly after finishing the Aisling manuscript, because I never got to see what Wil and Dallin were like together without the fate of the world hanging over their heads. And I wanted to know. Silliness and sop ensued. So if you prefer the Tough Guy and Snarly Man-boy, this one is not for you. Either way, this is their last hurrah before Fen and Mal take over, so I do hope you enjoy.

© Carole Cummings
(Rated Adult)
Thanks to Eden Winters for whipping the grammar into shape. (Or at least trying to.)


It was almost a… mystical thing, the exertion. )
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Okay, and here is the link for the paperback on Amazon.

They don't seem to have stock yet, but they're taking orders. *shrug* Also, the price is much higher than I'd anticipated. Um, sorry about that, but I have nothing to do with pricing and they don't tell me why they do what they do.
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Available now at Prizm Books and Torquere Press.

Those who purchase from Torquere can receive 20% off their total purchase by using the code ‘stock2011’ in the coupon code box upon check out. Orders must be placed before Sunday at midnight to use the code.

To those who plan to buy, thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy!

(Okay, it was up on Prizm, and now it's not, but it's on Torquere, and I have no idea what the deal is. I'm going to be unavailable today, but I'm leaving the Prizm link up in case they fix whatever made it disappear before I get back.)


Nov. 28th, 2011 06:46 pm
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Well, last I heard, the last installment of Aisling should be out in a couple weeks, so it’s excerpt time!

Follow the link and don’t kill me…

EXCERPT Aisling, Book Three: Beloved Son

No, seriously—don’t kill me. Or you’ll never get any more Lucas and Alex. Just saying.

I’ll post buy links when it goes live. Provided no one kills me. *backs away slowly*
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Hokey smokes, Bullwinkle!

Just finished the proofing for book three of Aisling and then jumped right in to first edits of Wolf's-own. (Nobody likes my hyphens, damn it!) The headspace-shift is whiplash inducing!

Everything is still on schedule thus far. Aisling should be out in another month or so, and Wolf's-own will start publishing in Feb/Mar. So far. Subject to the vagaries of publishing, of course.

One day, I might have time to write again! Good thing I was taking a break, eh? *rolls eyes* (Lucas and Alex, I'm getting there, I swear!)

Cover art!

Oct. 26th, 2011 04:09 pm
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Cover art by Alessia Brio. You can click on the image for the full-sized cover.

Not bad, yeah?

Publication is still slated for December, so I'll keep you posted. I don't have an excerpt ready yet, but Wil continues to be his snarky, Who're you calling puny? self and Dallin continues to be gobsmacked by him. I'll get a real excerpt up soon-ish. :)

P.S. to my W-o peeps: Yeesh, sorry for the typos, guys. I'm reading along with you and cringing every time I stumble over one. I keep telling myself--that's why God made betas and editors. *hugs*
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Now available in both paperback and Kindle formats at Amazon.

It says it's sold out already, but they're taking orders for it. Weirdly, there's a nice 5-star review on the Kindle version, but it doesn't show up on the paperback version. I have no idea what that means. But yay for tags. Even though I still don't know what they do.
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Last time the paperback was up a week after release and the Kindle edition took almost two months. This time, the Kindle edition went up the day after the release. O_o Go figure. Anyway...

Kindle edition now available at Amazon.

Also, anyone willing to do the tagging thing over there, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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Available now at Torquere Press/Prizm Books

And it's already got a brilliant 5 STAR REVIEW from Cole at Jessewave Reviews. Woooohoooo! \o/ I think I have now officially updated everything that needs to be updated. *throws confetti*

As I said before, I'll let everyone know when it goes up at Amazon, etc. Those of you who plan to buy, thank you and I hope you enjoy!
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Okay, let’s see if I can get all the graphics right. If I haven’t screwed it up totally, you should be able to click on the small pic for the full-sized image. *crosses fingers*

Cover art for Aisling, Book Two: Dream by Rose Lenoir
There’s no title on it yet, because there were some adjustments to the art itself that had to be made. The book is still set to release on Wednesday, June 15th. If things go as they did last time around, the paperback version should be available on Amazon about a week later with the ebook following about a month after that. Considering the ordering snafus with Book One (though I’ve been assured that was general Web fallout from that ‘Anonymous’ MC/Visa hacking thing and can’t happen again), how/when/from whom you choose to order is totally up to you.

Edit: Crap, I forgot. There's an excerpt available on my site HERE. Yeesh, I hope that's everything.

Cover art for Impromptu by… me!
Yes, they’re actually using my art for the cover. \o/ Woohoo! They’ve already got a placemarker for it up on their site HERE because their art department has to do some vague thing or other before the official version goes up, but I’m totally chuffed that they wanted the illo I sent them. I wasn’t even going to ask about it, but my editor mentioned something and then I mentioned something, and it just kind of went from there. Anyway, Impromptu will be available July 6th, according to the website, and if it’s priced like the other shorts of its size, it should be about $1.49. As I understand it, though, it will only be available from Dreamspinner—no Amazon, etc.—so if you’re thinking of buying it, you’ll have to get it from there.

Pretty Psycho Ninja by my friend Jenni
Don’t you just love that title? *dies* Some of you will recognize Fen here. I was so impressed with the way she captured both mood and setting in a silhouette. I adore this one so much that it’s now my wallpaper. *pets it*

Also, while I’m shamelessly self-promoting, there was a really nice review of Book One on the Bibrary Bookslut (Don’t you just love that name?) review blog HERE. And I’m going to have to check out what happened over at GOODREADS pretty soon, because the number of ratings and reviews over there nearly doubled while I was gone. *scratches head* It’s still hanging on to a 4.5 out of 5 average, though, so I’m definitely pleased.

Now I’m going to be a nervous wreck until the first few reviews for Book Two start trickling in. If they do trickle in. Yay, something new to fret about. God, you’d think I’d get over it eventually, but no. I still have those moments of oh-god-I-suck-they’re-all-going-to-hate-it-must-hide-under-rock. Lots of those moments. I have to shut up now.

Okay, that’s it for now. I have some more Aisling art from my friend Rosina, but she won’t let me post it yet because she’s not done tweaking. As soon as I get the go-ahead, I’ll show it off here. :)

I'm back!

May. 23rd, 2011 05:28 pm
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Oh, shut up, you didn't even know I was gone.

I was laptop-less for a while, since it had to go back to HP for repair, so I had no internet. Which was not, actually, as bad as it sounds. I borrowed my husband's old laptop, which has no ether card, alas, but I got so much writing and writing-related stuff done, so I can't whine too much.

Book two of Aisling is now in the final proofing stages (still slated for a 6/15 release, as far as I know), and Impromptu has moved on to the galley stage. Woot! It'll be cover art and excerpt time pretty soon. Plus, I may be ready to start sharing book three of Wolf's-own soon. (Hey, quit diving for cover!) The only thing I really wanted to get back to and haven't been able to yet is the Lucas and Alex story. I think it's because they're too polite. Fen scowls and shoves all the other characters loitering in my head out of the way and waves knives at them, while Malick leers at him and smirks and poses; Lucas and Alex just raise their eyebrows and give each other significant looks. It makes them rather pleasant to play with when I do get to, but it doesn't help them get their screen time.

Though, holy crap, my WIP folder is starting to get just as out of control as my email inbox. Which now contains exactly 383 pieces of unread mail. *head desk* No, I'm not that popular--I just really have to stop signing up for newsletters.

I don't think I missed anyone's b-days, but I'm sure I missed some good posts, which I'll never catch up on. But I did miss you guys. So, hi! :)
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Company's all gone home--they came in waves this time, three of them, one right after the other. (And even with that unfortunate wording, it wasn't as fun as it sounds.) I've been washing and changing sheets, cleaning bathrooms, washing towels, cooking, entertaining, making runs to the liquor store, and trying not to kill anyone for two freaking weeks now. *falls down*

Also--BEST F-LIST EVER. *glomps you all*

I wanted to thank everyone for the b-day wishes, and for helping out with the giveaway. [ profile] honeyandvinegar, [ profile] edenwinters, and Dena Celeste all won print copies, and [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l and [ profile] luciatea snagged the ebooks. There's another giveaway HERE at Goodreads that runs 'til June 1st, if anyone wants to take another shot.

You guys have all been terrific, and I appreciate it very much. Between the birthday thing, and spreading the word for me, it all turned out really well--better than I'd thought. Thank you so much for everything.

*hugs and snogs every one of you*

*wipes slobber off your cheek*
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A birthday, hobbit-style! ;)

Friday is my birthday—yes, April Fool’s Day, shut up—and I’ve decided to follow Tolkien’s example this year. I’ve got three paperback copies of Aisling, Book One: Guardian to give away to anyone in the US, and two electronic copies for overseas entrants. (For a summary, excerpt and other stuff, go to my website HERE.)

To enter, all you have to do is leave a (screened) comment to this post. You don’t need to be on my friends list (though you’re welcome to join, if you’d like), and there is no other obligation (though if you win it and like it, a public review somewhere would be wonderfully helpful). If you don’t have an LJ, leave an email address in your comment, please, so I’ll have some way to notify you if you win.

One catch: if you win a paperback, you’ll have to be willing to give me your snail mail address. I promise not to stalk you. ;)

So, leave a comment to this entry, and I’ll pull the names out of a hat on Friday and contact the winners. All comments are screened. Contest closes at 5:00 p.m. ET on Friday, April 1st.

EDIT: The contest is closed and the winners have been notified. Thanks to everyone for playing!
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Due to the fact that the publisher has changed its new release schedule from quarterly to twice-yearly, the release of Aisling, Book Two: Dream has been pushed out to June 2011, with Aisling, Book Three: Beloved Son to follow in December 2011.

Sorry to anyone who's waiting for them. From what I understand, publishing schedules are always pretty hinky and mercurial, so this isn't an unusual thing.
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Mostly because I can't seem to stop grinning.

AMAZING REVIEW of AISLING over on Jessewave's site. Five stars!! \o/

Is it too early to start obesessing about Book Two living up to expectations?

(Thanks, PD--you certainly did tell me so.)


Jan. 20th, 2011 10:57 am
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Aisling is being featured today on Lee Wind’s blog, I’m Here. I’m Queer. What Do I Read? It’s not a review, just a 'featured blurb' sort of thing, but I think it’s pretty cool anyway. ;)

Yep, I’m a little bit chuffed.

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